75 Years since the Devastation of Konigsberg*

Walking with Vera Tariverdieva at the head of the procession as Natella Toidzes painting is carried along the avenue to Konigsberg Cathedral.

Yesterday, on Friday 30th August, it was 75 years since the allies bombed the historic city of Konigsberg. The Cathedral in the city was almost completely destroyed, but was later re-constructed. Last night there was a commemoration to remember the events of 75 years ago. I was lucky enough to be asked to take part in the event and to perform a recital at the Cathedral.

The event began with a new painting of the Cathedral by the world renowned Russian artist Natella Toidze being carried along the avenue leading up to the Cathedral. I walked with Vera Tariverdieva at the head of the procession which was a great honour for me.

Performing inside such a large and echoing space was interesting, the acoustics created a great amount of echo!

The event has great symbolic meaning for the citizens of Konigsberg and it was a very special occasion for which I am so grateful to have been invited to perform. My great thanks go to Vera Tariverdieva for all the work she does for the city of Konigsberg and also for her support.

Here is a link to an article in The Economist about the history of the event.

*(The city was renamed Kaliningrad when it became part of Russia)

With Vera Tariverdieva.
Practising inside Konigsberg Cathedral.
The performance on Friday evening.
With artist Natella Toidze and Vera Tariverdieva after the performance.


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