I was at RAK Studios in London a couple of weeks ago, playing piano as part of a comedy sketch with Robbie Williams and Jamie Cullum. I even had tattoo’s painted on my hands so they looked like it was Robbie playing the piano… was a lot of fun!

The sketch was part of Not The Robbie Williams Christmas Show which was shown on ITV on December 8th.

Getting dressed in shirt which was specially made for the sketch.
With the amazing tattoo artist who made my hands look just like Robbies!


Last week I performed a lunchtime concert at St. James’s Church in Piccadilly, London. I have visited St. James’s on several occasions to watch recitals and I always love coming here for the peaceful atmosphere it creates in the middle of the city.

The church was designed by Sir Christopher Wren after The Great Fire of London and the acoustics are perfect for a piano recital.

The programme I performed included works by Scarlatti, Chopin and Strauss.

The audience were incredibly supportive which was great for my performance. Thank you to everyone who helped to organise the recital and to everyone who came to watch. Special thanks to Josephine Cumming for the lovely gift!

You can see a short clip of the encore (Liszt, Rigoletto) here:

I performed last week at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. The concert was held in one of the main galleries, so the art on display created the perfect accompaniment to the pieces I was performing.

The Fitzwilliam is actually one of my favourite places in Cambridge, it’s a great place to visit for a relaxing few hours and the art on display is exceptional.

Here is my performance of Chopins Sonata Number 1 from the concert.


I will be giving a lunchtime recital at St. James Church in Piccadilly, London on Friday November 8th.

St. James Church was designed and built by Sir Christoper Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1666. Not only is it a beautiful church, it is also a great venue for performances wit very good acoustics.

The programme includes pieces by Chopin, Grรผnfeld and Scarlatti.

You can see more details and buy tickets for the performance here.

Really happy to be opening this seasons Absolute Classics series of concerts. I will be performing at some of the most beautiful venues in Scotland, starting with Easterbrook Hall in Dumfries on Thursday 26 September. You can find out more about the performances and buy tickets here. It will be wonderful to visit Scotland and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to perform as part of this incredible series.

Cally Palace in Scotland