I have a great concert coming up in April, with the world famous pianist Lang Lang at The Royal Albert Hall in London. Wow! I am so happy and excited to be able to perform with Lang Lang again, he is one of the pianists making Classical music so interesting and exciting right now. The concert has already sold out, after only a day!

I guess I had better start practising!!

george harliono lang lang albert hall

Yesterday I went to Royal Academy for a lesson. On the way home I stopped at St. Pancras Station to see if Elton John’s piano was on the concourse. It was so I tried it out. It is a good Yamaha upright and sounds way better than the other pianos there. But it has been muted to dampen the sound… I guess it was a bit too loud before…

Here is a short movie of me playing it.

george harliono elton john piano001