Being able to sleep in airport waiting areas is pretty useful at times…

george harliono sleeping at airports001
Position One
george harliono sleeping at airports002
Position Two
george harliono sleeping at airports003
Position Three
george harliono sleeping at airports004
Position Three with alternative head scratch
george harliono sleeping at airports005
Back to Position Two
george harliono sleeping at airports006
Still Position Two (sort of)
george harliono sleeping at airports007
Position Three again
george harliono sleeping at airports008
Position Four
george harliono sleeping at airports009
Position Five
george harliono sleeping at airports010
Position Five with alternative leg position
george harliono sleeping at airports011
Position Four (reversed)

So I’m taking part in the International Grand Piano Competition here in Moscow. I arrived on Friday last week and on Saturday we drew the numbers for the order in which we are competing. I got number 7, which might or might not end up being lucky for me!

Yesterday, on Sunday, we performed in the first round, the solo round. I performed pieces by Bach, Ravel and Balakirev. It went alright I think.

Today I worked on the piece I will play in the next round, the concerto round. I will perform Tchaikovsky Concerto No.1. I am really happy about this part of the competition because I get to perform with the Moscow State Symphonia and the conductor Alexander Sladkovsky. We rehearsed this afternoon and we will rehearse again tomorrow. Then I will perform in the final tomorrow evening… hope it goes OK.

george harlioo grand piano competition moscow001

george harlioo grand piano competition moscow006

george harlioo grand piano competition moscow005

Yesterday I performed with Lang Lang at The Royal Albert Hall in London. It was an amazing day. I had my own dressing room, with my name on the door!

We arrived early in the morning so that I could practice and get used to the piano I was going to use, a really good Steinway. The piano was being looked after by Mr Ulrich Gerhartz who had flown over from Hamburg just to ensure that the piano was in perfect condition and tuning for the concert.

Working with Lang Lang was a lot of fun, actually it didn’t feel like work at all. I performed solo and also a duet of Hungarian Dance with Lang Lang.

After the concert I was interviewed CNBC, I guess Lang Lang does this every day, but for me it was really exciting! You can see a video of me performing Hungarian Dance with Lang Lang here.

george harliono langlang albert hall001

george harliono langlang albert hall002

george harliono langlang albert hall003

george harliono langlang albert hall004

george harliono langlang albert hall005

george harliono langlang albert hall006

george harliono langlang albert hall007

george harliono langlang albert hall008

george harliono langlang albert hall009

george harliono langlang albert hall010

I have been invited to take part in a great competition in Moscow, The International Competition for Young Pianists. This is a very prestigious event which is founded and organised by the Russian Federal Government and the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. I am feeling pretty honoured that I have been invited to be part of this competition! One of the best things is that I will travel to Moscow and perform with a full orchestra, which will be shown live on Russian TV.

The Artistic Director of the competition is the famous Russian pianist Denis Matsuev, so I hope I will be able to meet him.

Really looking forward to it, I will have to practice speaking Russian!


george harliono internationsl grand piano competition001

george harliono internationsl grand piano competition003