Giving Blood (eigth time!)


This morning I went to Addenbrookes Hospital to give blood. It was my 8th time! It hardly hurts at all and lets B-positive… it’ll help save someone’s life! Plus you get free tea and biscuits!

Please give blood!


  1. Well done George, I am now 78 and had been giving blood since my 15th birthday. I believe I gave about 60 + liters in all up to the age of about 64. So not only is it good to give blood for others who of course need it, but it is I believe also good for your own health. Good luck and thank you.


  2. I  AM  PROUD  OF  YOU,  GEORGE.  I gave blood many times, both in Russia and the US — when I was younger. Now they will not take my blood: too old. 😦 


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