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Translated from Russian (sorry!) Original article here.

Cambridge. West Road Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto. Behind the instrument is young pianist George Harliono, a student at the Royal College of Music in London.

Sold Out in Advance

Recently, George flew to Russia and on April 4 at the Winter Theater there was a grand concert of the Sochi Symphony Orchestra and the British musician. They performed Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto no.2. For Harliono it was a great experience, to play what he had long dreamed of, to play masterly, spectacular, and even with a large orchestra conducted by conductor Anton Lubchenko. Only three rehearsals and such a success. he conquered the hall with the first chord. There were no empty seats in the Winter Theater. Tickets were sold out in advance. What happened during the concert is remembered for a long time. The hall and the musicians are dominated by the great Russian composer and the most beautiful classical music. The magic infinity, strength and desire of the pianist to convey all the subtleties of the classics were read in every note.

“Olympic Endurance”

A little later after analyzing his performance this 18-year-old pianist from the UK said: “This was the first time for me in the Olympic city and I was immediately impressed. The concert itself was unusual and exciting as Maestro Lubchenko and I agreed to make this cultural event a truly special, memorable one. Maestro Lubchenko likes to create concerts spontaneously and I was very happy to participate in this project. Tchaikovsky’s music brought together our two cultures. The Sochi Symphony Orchestra was awesome, it showed stamina on an Olympic scale and the Tchaikovsky Marathon was passed swiftly. ”

Hello from England. And thanks

George Harliono, speaking to the British public in the West Road Concert Hall, again playing Tchaikovsky, recalled the emotional reception of the Sochi audience.
It’s always good to perform for a Russian audience. I can see how well the Russian listener understands classical music and you always appreciate the performer. It is so nice and then you understand why you actually live, study, work. After the concert I did not have the opportunity to talk with the Sochi residents, so now I thank them for such a warm welcome, during which I even managed to encore one of the plays of my favorite composer Mikael Tariverdiev. And many thanks to the orchestra. I would really like to be in Sochi again to experience all those feelings and emotions. The world of music brings you together. This is what our countries need.

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