Vienna Sommernachtsconzert

I just got back to the UK after spending a few days in Vienna and attending the 2018 Summer Night Concert at the Schönbrunn Palace. This is an amazing event which happens every summer and this year Maestro Valery Gergiev was conducting while Anna Netrebko performed Arias including pieces by Puccini and Verdi.

The event has a great atmosphere and with an audience of over 130000 it was by far the largest number of people I have ever seen attending a classical music concert. Love it!

I was really lucky as I was invited to watch the performers from the VIP area right at the front, I also got to meet the incredible Anna Netrebko.

A huge thank you to my bro Holger Wemhoff for inviting me to the event, while still managing to interview Valery Gergiev and the other performers.

Sorry about the fuzzy photos! Somehow they seemed to get more out of focus as the evening wore on!

At the Schönbrunn Palace


Before the performance.
Love Vienna!
With Clemens Trautmann.
With Per Hauber and Holger Wemhoff.
With Anna Netrebko after the performance.

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