Audition at The Royal College of Music

So today I had an audition at The Royal College of Music in London, I want to study for a BMus there with piano as my main instrument. If I get in I will start in September 2017 which will be great. The audition was pretty stressful for me, not because the people at RCM aren’t nice, because they really are, but because I really want to get in there.

There are two auditions, if you do OK in the first one then you can go to the second. I made a couple of small mistakes in the first one but I was asked to go to the second audition so I think it went OK.

I spoke to a couple of other pianists who were also auditioning today, seems like they are all very good, hope I can get in…

george harliono rcm interview002

george harliono rcm interview001

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